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Keeping Employees Motivated During the Holidays

December 15, 2015

Twelve Days of Small Business Badge

We’re recognizing small businesses across the country for the positive impact they make on their local communities throughout the holiday season and all year long.

During the holidays, it's not just the kids that are filled with anticipation, making it hard to focus at school. Many businesses struggle to keep employees motivated  during the holidays as well, and sometimes see a drop in productivity during  last month of the year. It could be any number of things serving as distractions, whether it's an increase in social activities, seasonal stress, or the ever-growing list of to-dos at home, but a recent survey by  CareerBuilder  suggests holiday  shopping is top of mind for many employees. According to the survey, half (50 percent) of employees are using time at work to shop online, and of that group, 42 percent say they will spend an hour or more doing so.

While it's not realistic for employers to think employees will spend every minute of every day on work tasks, some careful planning for the holiday season can  help employers keep their staff on task.