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Newest Release of myStaffingPro Offers Enhanced Candidate Experience

March 11, 2015

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Paychex, Inc. released the newest version (16.2) of its applicant tracking system, myStaffingPro, with new features designed to enhance the candidate experience by reducing data entry, improving completion rates, and providing the ability to create candidate differentiators.

“By improving the candidate experience, we’re providing benefits to both our clients and their end users,” said Jennifer Brogee, system development manager for myStaffingPro. “Candidates can more easily complete the application process, while employers enjoy larger applicant pools and enhanced tools for screening applicants.”

The newest release expands the system’s mobile functionality with the ability to submit a resume stored online. Candidates can now complete an entire application on their mobile phone – from entering their contact information, to completing prescreening questions, and submitting a resume.

“Since Paychex acquired myStaffingPro in 2012, the success of the system has exceeded our expectations in both growth and continuous enhancements. With this release, we’re taking it a step further,” said Mike Gioja, Paychex senior vice president of IT, product management, and development. “With the expanded mobility and new features, candidates can apply when and where they want, while employers can take advantage of the latest technology to reach more candidates and move away from a manual application process.”

With the newest release of myStaffingPro, candidates can differentiate themselves with a video cover letter. This optional enhancement gives candidates the opportunity to add a prerecorded video cover letter to their resume as a way to stand out from their peers and deliver a personalized pitch for their candidacy.

myStaffingPro also reduces the administrative burden of the application process by moving the resume parsing functionality to the beginning of the process. Candidates will now be able to populate their contact information as well as their work history and education details with information in their resume. This feature allows candidates to simply review their information rather than manually entering it in. For more information about the latest myStaffingPro release, please visit