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Paychex Cloud-Based Platform Combines Technology and Service for Streamlined Workforce Management

October 07, 2013

Paychex, Inc. today announced its new software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that combines innovative technology with superior customer service to provide human resource administrators with a streamlined and integrated approach to workforce management. With all Paychex services – payroll, time and attendance, HR, benefits, training, and performance management – accessible on a single cloud-based platform with Paychex Single Sign-On, users can do what they want, where they want, when they want, and how they want with greater efficiency and productivity.

“We developed this next generation of Paychex technology using a ground-up approach,” said Michael Gioja, Paychex senior vice president of information technology, product management, and development. “By doing this, we’re able to drive the latest features and functionality to a broader range of clients, and give them the options they want today, with the foundation for the options they’ll need tomorrow.”

The comprehensive, cloud-based offering gives users the flexibility to complete all payroll and human resource functions themselves, or grant their employees and business partners permission to perform tasks in a secure environment. Users can also customize their desktop and create custom workflows to work how they want and with greater productivity. Paired with Paychex Mobile for smartphones and Paychex Online for tablets, the new platform gives users the flexibility to work across devices and pick up on one where they left off on another. Now, clients can start, edit, and submit payroll on the go and at any time.

Technology for Working Smarter

Designed with end-user productivity in mind, the new SaaS platform from Paychex gives users the technology they need to work smarter.

Intuitive User Experience – The new offering delivers a user interface based on consistency, simplicity, and intelligence to drive increased user productivity. The platform uses context-aware settings to anticipate the information the user needs based on the current task being performed. For example, if the user clicks on an employee’s pay rate in online payroll, the system assumes the user wants to make a change to compensation and automatically opens that module of the people application in a micro-panel, allowing the user to quickly and easily make the necessary change.

Centralized Data ­ – The Paychex platform uses a single source of data to power all functions and applications. This allows administrators to update an employee record while in one application, such as payroll, and have it immediately available in other applications, such as time and attendance.

Reporting Solutions – As a one-stop shop for more than 140 standard, customizable, and exportable reports for businesses and their accounting partners, Paychex Report Center provides easy access to insightful information to help administrators operate more effectively and make informed management decisions.

With Report Center, users can easily access Paychex’s most requested reports, or customize selected reports by date range, employee type, or more using Reports on Demand. Data Exports allows users to export data in a variety of spreadsheet formats to create their own graphs or import data into third-party software. For businesses with unique requirements, Report Writer allows users to create their own ad-hoc reports from scratch to meet their individual needs.

Mobile Technology – The Paychex Mobile App for smartphones offers a robust set of features for both employers and their employees that can be easily accessed from a customized dashboard of favorite tasks right on the device. Employers can enter, review, and submit payroll as well as access critical company information, including immediate access to valuable reports like the Payroll Journal and Cash Requirements Report, employee retirement information, payroll, health and benefits, tax documents, employee check stubs, and more. Employees also have access to key information on the go, such as their check stubs, W-2s, health and benefits account, flexible spending account, retirement account performance, time off information, and more.

Accessibility of Essential Features – Users can access their essential employee and company data from any application, without interruption to the task at hand. For example, if an employee asks a question about their 401(k) plan while the administrator is in the middle of entering payroll, it’s as easy as clicking on the employee’s name in payroll to pull up the people application in a micro-panel, allowing the user to perform the requested task. Once the task is completed, the micro-panel returns to the background, leaving the user right where they left off in payroll.

Clients can also easily access the features they need and use the most with the ability to customize the platform’s landing page. For example, users can view or download their favorite reports from the reports widget, without having to launch the Report Center application.

“With the launch of our new platform, we are helping our clients stay focused on their business by placing expanded company and employee information management in their hands,” said Gioja. “We’re combining our most intuitive user experience that offers integration across product lines on one interface, with broader reporting and analysis capabilities for all client data to give our clients greater control and increased personal productivity.”

For more information about the newest technology from Paychex, visit Or, to speak with a Paychex representative and see a demonstration, visit booth 319 at the 16th Annual HR Technology Conference and Expo, taking place in Las Vegas, October 7-9, 2013.