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Paychex Flex Delivers Streamlined Workforce Management through Innovative Technology and Flexible Choice of Service

October 08, 2014

Paychex, Inc. today unveiled its software-as-a-service platform and newly expanded service offering, Paychex Flex, which delivers seamless access to payroll, HR, and benefits information for a streamlined and integrated approach to workforce management. Paychex Flex offers a unique blend of customer service options and robust software driven by a simple, yet powerful user experience that spans desktop and mobile applications to drive efficiency and performance across an organization.

The comprehensive, cloud-based Paychex Flex platform offers powerful capabilities in a simple user experience that is adaptive to the needs of users across the human capital management spectrum – recruiters and recruits, HR and payroll stakeholders, benefits administrators, employees, contractors, and financial advisor and accounting partners.

“We continue to focus on bringing industry-leading products to market by furthering our strategic platform to meet the growing needs of our clients, regardless of their size,” said Michael Gioja, Paychex senior vice president of information technology, product management, and development. “With Paychex Flex, we’ve combined our innovative cloud platform and best-in-class mobile app with dedicated support and flexible customer-centric service options to give our clients the ability to do what they want, where they want, when they want, and how they want.”

The Paychex Mobile App gives employers access to the fullest set of employee data available on-the-go, in addition to plan-level views of retirement, health, and benefit accounts. Likewise, employees share visibility into a wide set of personal and benefits data and functionality, including the industry’s broadest set of retirement self-service features. In addition to viewing 401(k) balances and returns, client employees can now edit all of the most popular retirement information from their mobile device, including the ability to edit contribution amounts and investment allocations.

Paychex is also extending its mobile app family with the introduction of Paychex Time, a mobile time punch app that offers the quickest mobile punch possible. Because the Paychex Time app enables access to the punch feature without accessing the apps containing personal data, employee users can securely “enable quick punch” and avoid time-consuming logins the next time they use the app. The new app can be launched directly or through the Paychex Mobile app they’ve come to know. The Paychex Time app will be available in app stores starting December 2014. In addition to the availability of the new mobile app, Time and Labor Online users can realize improved efficiencies through the streamlined integration of job costing and labor distribution that allows employees to allocate their hours to particular jobs right from the online timesheets, time clocks, the new web punch widget, and the Paychex Time app.

“As the personal and business use of mobile devices continues to grow rapidly, information is never more than an arm’s length away, changing the way people want and expect to be served,” said John Gibson, Paychex senior vice president of service. “Service is not one size fits all. Throughout our 43-year history, Paychex has built a strong foundation of service that we are now expanding and enhancing to allow clients even greater choice for how they interact with our service organization and get the support and answers they need.”

With Paychex Flex, Paychex is rolling out a new service initiative to offer clients the flexibility of choice for their service needs through a new multi-tiered approach that gives clients access to a variety of customer service options based on their size and complexity. Paychex Flex scales to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and offers users a variety of service options for how they prefer to work. For those medium-sized businesses with more complex needs, Paychex Flex Enterprise delivers additional service options to ensure ready access to prompt and knowledgeable support any time of day. Options include access to a dedicated service person, team of product specialists, 24/7 service center, and e-mail support. Rollout of the new service initiative will begin in January.

For more information about Paychex Flex and Paychex Flex Enterprise, visit Or, to speak with a Paychex representative and see a demonstration, visit booth 1135 at the 17th Annual HR Technology Conference and Expo, taking place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, October 7-10, 2014.