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Small Business Employment Growth Is on the Rise, According to the Paychex - IHS Small Business Jobs Index

March 07, 2017

SBJI Featured May 2017

The Paychex | IHS Small Business Jobs Index continued to increase in February, rising to 100.78, up 0.16 percent from the previous month and 0.39 percent for the quarter. Not only has the national index increased for three consecutive months, but the rate of growth has increased each month as well. The national index, however, is approximately flat to February 2016, up just 0.03 percent.


East South Central continues to lead small business growth among regions, improving its pace 1.83 percent year-over-year, followed by South Atlantic. Tennessee once again leads all states. Top-ranked for the third consecutive month at 103.85, Atlanta spiked 0.93 percent, its best one-month gain in nearly three years. Financial Activities jumped 0.53 percent in February, the best one-month gain among the industry sectors.

To read the full news release, visit the Paychex | IHS Small Business Jobs Index website.