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Top Three Reasons to Consider Personal Marketplace

December 11, 2014

Insurance bill with calculator.

With the national open enrollment period in full swing and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) changing the health care insurance landscape, Paychex Insurance Agency, a wholly owned subsidiary of Paychex, Inc., has identified the top three reasons to consider enrolling in an individual insurance plan.


According to a recent Gallup poll, 13.4 percent of Americans are without health insurance. Those uninsured or individuals already insured through a federal or state health insurance marketplace have the opportunity to shop around or make changes to an existing insurance plan during the open enrollment period, November 15, 2014 – February 15, 2015.

The last day to submit an application to an individual insurance plan for January 1, 2015 coverage is December 15, 2014. Therefore, individuals need to be aware of their current coverage or lack of health care coverage and take the appropriate action soon.

For some, that may include an individual insurance plan. Reasons to consider this option are:

Wide range of plans. Individual insurance plans offer a wide range of national and regional carriers. In addition, individuals have the ability to shop for both “on-exchange” policies (subsidy-eligible plans available through the state and federal health insurance marketplaces) and policies not offered through the Federal or state health insurance marketplace that a consumer cannot use a subsidy to purchase.

Flexibility of choice. Individuals can choose the preferred carrier and health plan that best suits their needs. This level of flexibility results in the individual more accurately meeting their health coverage needs.

Individual insurance is not tied to an employer. An individual insurance plan is not tied to an employer, so if a person switches jobs or loses employment, his/her coverage remains intact.

To accommodate those seeking individual insurance coverage, the Paychex Insurance Agency’s (PIA) Personal Marketplace is now open.

The PIA Personal Marketplace is a private insurance exchange or marketplace where employees who are not eligible for group coverage can shop, compare, and purchase individual health insurance from a variety of insurance carriers. 

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