Paychex Flex® Time

Paychex Flex Time is a revolutionary time and attendance solution that was built in the cloud for real-time data access, and designed to be exceptionally easy and intuitive to use. It gives you unprecedented visibility and control over your labor costs — helping drive tangible increases in savings, output, and performance.

Create Efficiencies

Manager Dashboards

Equip managers and supervisors with real-time data, analytics, and KPI tracking. Analyze trends and identify patterns to help predict operational needs.

Employee Dashboard

Empower your employees with easy-to-use tools to record time, transfer departments, check schedules, and view time-off balances and requests.

Proactive Alert Messaging

Send and receive timely notifications based on automated custom triggers.

Time-Card Management

View and edit time cards with just a few clicks. It's that easy.

Time-Off Management

Easily review, submit, and approve time-off requests with calendar sharing. View multiple schedules simultaneously to ensure you'll have appropriate staffing.

Time-Recording Options

Offer employees punch-in options that fit your business, including touch-screen HID and biometric clocks, tablet kiosk, and web. View time clock product specifications.

Drag-and-Drop Visual Scheduling

Work more quickly and efficiently with color-coded drag-and-drop scheduling. Breaks and meals can be added and controlled dynamically based on the setup of complex pay policies.

Job Costing and Labor Distribution

Determine how resources and time are spent with greater precision. Enable employees to clock in under their applicable labor assignments to keep hours and project costs correctly allocated.

Achieve Greater Flexibility

Paychex Time App

Give employees mobile access to punch and transfer between jobs or assignments with Paychex Time, the easiest time punch app on the market. The app is maintained separate from payroll data, allowing users to stay logged in between sessions without risk of exposing sensitive data.

Mobile Website

Go beyond mobile punch with powerful features for your tablet or smartphone. Employees can use the mobile site to clock in/out, and employers can view schedules, approve and adjust time cards, manage time-off requests, review account activity summaries, and process mass edits.


Receive confirmation on where your mobile employees punch in/out. With geolocation, an employee’s geographic position is recorded with their punch, even from a remote location. When clicked, the pin icon in their time-card entry displays a map showing when and where they punched.


Prevent employees from punching outside of designated areas of your choice. With geofencing, you define geographic boundaries that employees are allowed to punch in and out from. If an employee is not located within the determined area, they will not be able to punch.

Support Your Strategy with Additional Modules


Pay employees for a full pay period before it actually ends. Here's how it works: You can predict how many hours employees will work based on their schedules or average hours worked, and then easily reconcile the difference in actual hours worked with the next pay period.

Advanced Scheduling

View schedules on a weekly basis, schedule shifts by org. unit or employee group, set capacity requirements per shift, assign workers to shifts, and review scheduled shift capacities. Employees can set availability and receive real-time email notifications of schedule changes.

Leave Tracking

Stay up to date on employees’ leave balances and receive automated alerts when they’re scheduled to return to work. Plus, you can manage time-off accruals while employees are out of the office.

Employee Points Tracking

Clearly document attendance infractions based on your company's policies and quickly and easily notify employees of any issues through automated warning messages.


Keep tabs on your staffing budget in real time. As you assign employees to shifts, a dynamic chart displays whether your budget is over, under, or right on target. No need to wait and see if you've exceeded forecasted wages. Live feedback enables you to make cost-saving changes on the fly.

Paychex Time Clocks: PX2500 and PX3500 Series


ARM 800MHz speed



1GB Flash

5GB Micro SD


Windows CE Pro


4-line x 20-character LCD display

7-inch 800x480 touchscreen

Capacitive touch screen


PX2500: Digital Persona

PX3500: Lumidigm M-Series


125KHz RF badge reader


1x RJ45 Ethernet

1x WiFi

3x USB2.0

1x Dry Contact Relay


12 VDC (nominal)

Real-time battery backup (optional)


Piezo Buzzer

2020 speaker


Height: 8.9 inches/226MM

Width: 5.9 inches/150MM

Depth: 2.8 inches/72MM

Weight: 2.6 lbs (1,200 grams)


Operation: 32° ~ 122°F (0° ~ 50°C) Hum: 20~95% (non-condensing)