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Illinois Compliance and Regulatory Resources

States such as Illinois with mandates for workplace retirement plans have seen implementation increase three times faster than non-mandated states.1 Paychex strives to make things simple by offering Illinois business compliance resources. Uncover mandates your business may need to adhere to, including offering retirement programs, workplace safety, and more.

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State Tax Rates and Limits

State Supplemental Withholding Rate*
2024 IL Withholding Tables

State Unemployment Taxable Wage Base Limit

State Unemployment Rate Range for Employers
0.850% to 8.650%

State Unemployment New Employer Rate
3.95% New Employer (rates include surcharges)

State Hourly Minimum Wage
$14 (Special rules apply to minimum wage standards for this state. Refer to state laws.)

State Minimum Wage for Tipped Employees
$8.40 (Special rules apply to minimum wage standards for this state. Refer to state laws.)
IL wage and hour information

Pay Transparency

Effective Jan. 1, 2025, covered employers with 15 or more employees will be required to comply with the Illinois pay transparency law.

  • Employers must include wage or salary, or wage and salary range, and a general description of the benefits and other compensation, including, but not limited to, bonuses, stock options, or other incentives the employer reasonably expects in good faith to offer for the position in job postings for positions where work will be performed at least in part in Illinois or the employee will report to an office, supervisor, or worksite in the state.
  • Providing a hyperlink with the required information related to pay and benefits on a publicly accessible website is acceptable under the law.
  • When using a third party to advertise, post or announce an open position, covered employers must also provide the required pay and benefits information to the third party, which is then responsible for including it in the posting.

State-Facilitated Retirement Programs

Secure Choice Retirement Savings
Visit our retirement hub

Workplace Safety

Illinois has an OSHA-approved state plan that covers only state and local government workers. Private-sector employers and their workers are covered by federal OSHA.

Workers' Compensation

Coverage is mandatory for employers with any employees

Regulatory and Legislative Compliance Podcast

Protections for freelancers, pay transparency, tipped minimum wage and paid leave in Chicago, and more. Director of Compliance Mike Trabold provides insights on what to expect in 2024.

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Paychex Compliance - Illinois

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