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Virginia Compliance and Regulatory Resources

States such as Virginia with mandates for workplace retirement plans have seen an increase in program implementation three times faster than in non-mandated states1. Paychex strives to simplify HR compliance so you can easily stay ahead of changing business regulations. Learn more about requirements that might apply to your business including offering workplace retirement programs, minimum wage, and more.

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State Tax Rates and Limits

State Supplemental Withholding Rate*
2024 VA Withholding Tables

State Unemployment Taxable Wage Base Limit

State Unemployment Rate Range for Employers
0.10% to 6.20%

State Unemployment New Employer Rate
2.50% In-State New Employer; 6.20% Out-of-State Contractor

State Hourly Minimum Wage
$12 - Special rules apply to minimum wage standards for this state. Refer to state laws.

State Minimum Wage for Tipped Employees
$2.13 (Special rules apply to minimum wage standards for this state. Refer to state laws.)
VA wage and hour information

Workplace Safety

Virginia operates an OSHA-approved state plan covering most private-sector workers and all state and local government workers within the state Federal OSHA covers most workers not covered under the state plan.

Workers' Compensation

  • Coverage is mandatory for employers with three (3) or more employees
  • Officers go toward the employee count even if they are excluded
  • Contractors who use sub-contractors; the sub-contractors are counted as employees even if they have their own coverage

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