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InVision Iris Recognition Time Clock

A biometric solution like you've never seen

Stop wasting valuable time tracking employee hours, because your outdated and inefficient time clock won't integrate with your HCM solution.

Our new InVision® Iris Time Clock is the only iris recognition clock that's fully integrated with an industry-leading HCM technology and service platform — Paychex Flex®.

And no biometric time clock is more accurate.

  • Time and attendance integration

    Integration with Paychex Flex through our online time and attendance solution, Paychex Flex Time, gives you real-time data access in the cloud, automates time-tracking, and helps you control labor costs while simplifying your operations.

  • Unsurpassed accuracy and speed

    InVision Iris Time Clock is easy to use, and clocking in is more accurate and faster than ever with our iris time and attendance software – so your employees can start their shift without delay, and you can prevent rework and save valuable time.

  • Works in practically any environment

    Our iris recognition time clock performs in challenging operational environments, such as medical facilities, restaurants, and construction sites. It works in high humidity, and dirty or greasy fingers aren't a problem.

    You can even use it while wearing contacts, glasses, face masks, or goggles from up to 15 inches away.

Paychex Iris Time Clock

What you’ll get with our iris recognition time clock

  • Unsurpassed iris recognition technology
  • Scalable to up to 50,000 employees per time clock
  • Full integration with Paychex Flex Time
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Reliable usability, even in challenging operational environments
  • Streamlined employee self-enrollment
  • Touchless punching option
  • Capture and store punches in offline mode
  • New time and attendance technology

    Iris recognition technology comes from the security industry where it has helped protect banks and high-profile construction sites. Paychex is among the first to bring this iris time and attendance software to small to mid-size businesses.

  • Safe and secure

    InVision Iris Time Clock uses mathematical pattern recognition techniques to encrypt templates that are not images. Since it's not a retinal scanner, your employees stay safe and their personal information remains private.

Paychex Flex Time online time and attendance solution

Online Timekeeping

Gain even greater visibility and control over your labor costs with Paychex Flex Time. Equipped with the very latest in timekeeping technology, Paychex Flex Time is a powerful online time and attendance seamlessly integrated with other Paychex Flex services.
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