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Andrew Gargana

Andrew Gargana is the senior federal compliance analyst within Compliance Risk Management for Paychex, Inc., based in Rochester, NY. He leads the federal payroll tax compliance activities of the company, which serves over 605,000 clients in all 50 states. The federal compliance analysts monitor all legislation and function as the liaison with the company’s Product Management and Development divisions to ensure regulatory matters affecting the firm’s payroll processing and tax filing platforms are implemented.

WORX Content from this Author

Mobile Workforce Bill Attempts to Simplify Tax Reporting Requirements

The Mobile Workforce State Income Tax Simplification Act of 2019 proposes to simplify tax reporting requirements for employers and workers where multiple state jurisdictions are concerned.

IRS extends upcoming deadlines, provides tax relief for victims of Hurricane Florence

IRS extends tax deadlines for individuals and businesses in FEMA-identified disaster areas after Hurricane Florence.

IRS extends upcoming deadlines, provides tax relief for victims of Hurricane Michael

Certain tax-filing deadlines to individuals and business owners whose mailing address falls within the FEMA-designated disaster areas of Florida and elsewhere have been extended following Hurricane Michael.

New York State FY 2019 Budget Includes Creation of Optional Payroll Tax

Part of New York state's budget seeks to mitigate the effects of the federal tax reform, and includes changes to the tax code that could reduce the burden on state residents. Read on for more details.

Trump's Proposed Tax Plan a Boon for Businesses

On April 26, President Trump's White House loosely outlined his plan to overhaul and simplify the U.S. tax code by reforming both individual and business taxes. Read about the plan's goals, highlights, and impact on businesses.