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Gen Z to Baby Boomers: What’s Ahead in 2024

  • Management
  • Last Updated: 01/11/2024
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Get the Report

See How Generational Viewpoints Shape Business Priorities

Explore how company leaders of different ages will attain ambitious objectives in the coming year, including finding and keeping employees, managing risk, and securing business efficiencies.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • The top business and HR challenges faced by different aged leaders
  • How the cost of HR administration has an age gap
  • How leaders approach employee retention differently
  • How age affects outsourcing priorities


The Gen Z to Baby Boomers: What’s Ahead in 2024 report is based on a survey of 600 business and HR leaders in U.S.-based companies employing from 5 to 500 employees, consisting of 150 respondents from Generation Z (ages 18 to 26), Millennials (ages 27 to 42), Generation X (ages 43 to 58), and Baby Boomers (ages 59 to 77). The survey was conducted online by Bredin, Inc. from Aug. 1 through Sept. 25, 2023.