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Paychex Pulse of HR Survey 2019: A Focus on Technology and Talent

  • Human Resources
  • Guide
  • Last Updated: 06/24/2019
pulse of hr 2019 guide preview image
pulse of hr 2019 guide preview image

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HR leaders are guiding their organizations through a historically tight labor market and a fast-changing legislative landscape. The skills and expertise they bring to the job have rarely been as critical as they are today. The 2019 Paychex Pulse of HR Survey, for the third year in a row, highlights how HR teams continue to contribute to the success of the companies they serve. This year’s study reveals that nearly 9 in 10 HR professionals have a voice in overall company strategy, up from 8 in 10 the previous two years.

Download the report to learn more about the survey’s findings, which also include:

  • Evolving and using employee perks to remain competitive
  • Improving employee engagement
  • Relying on technology to transform the HR function
  • Upskilling to fill some open roles
  • Keeping pace with evolving regulation