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At Your Convenience: Employee Self-Service Streamlines HR, Saves Money, Engages Staff

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  • Last Updated: 03/28/2018
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The Benefits of Self-Service Systems

In an increasingly digital world, many people want to take care of business themselves. Whether it's self-serve gas pumps, self-check-in at an airport or hotel, or self-checkout at the grocery store, people have come to expect the ability to accomplish certain tasks at their own pace and convenience.

The same can be said for HR tasks in the workplace. In fact, a recent Paychex Small Business Survey found that 73 percent of employees expect an employer to provide self-service for basic tasks – the ability to update one’s address, enter a life event, fill out tax forms, report hours, and manage retirement accounts.

Go In-depth in This Guide

  • What percentage of those surveyed want to do certain tasks electronically, rather than via paper form?
  • What are the top tasks employees want to accomplish on their own?
  • While the benefits of self-service for employees may be obvious, what are the advantages for employers?
  • What steps can you take to help ensure the success of a self-service system at your business?

Download this free guide to learn more about the benefits of self-service systems, what steps you can take to ensure the success of employee self-service, and ways to navigate potential pitfalls once a system is implemented.