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2021 State of Mental Health in the Workplace Report

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  • Last Updated: 04/30/2021
Mental health workforce report
Impact of mental health challenges

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Learn How to Deal with Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

Many business owners and managers are missing a costly workplace reality — employee mental health is getting worse. Nearly half of the employees surveyed by Paychex say their mental health is worse now than before the COVID-19 pandemic, while most employers believe the situation has actually improved.

This gap in understanding can cost your business in recruiting, retention, and productivity at a critical time when 40% of industries are experiencing hiring rates above pre-COVID-19 levels.1

Featured in the Guide

  • Cost of the current state of employee mental health and wellness in the workplace
  • Business impact of mental health and workplace challenges
  • Employer misconceptions about the current state of employee mental health
  • Essential role of benefits in addressing employee mental health challenges in the workplace
  • Mental health initiatives employers are taking to improve employee workplace mental health

1Paychex survey: 500 U.S. SMB principals and employees — 250 each — at organizations with 2 to 99 employees. Survey was fielded December 10-30, 2020.

4 March 2021, LinkedIn Workforce Report