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Paychex HR serves over 600,000 worksite employees.

Need Help with HR? Call a Paychex HR Representative

HR Support That Scales to Meet Your Demands

Paychex Human Resources offers scalable, easy-to-use human resource solutions and personal access to a dedicated HR professional, available on call or on site.

HR Online

Free your staff from HR administration with our all-inclusive technology solution, and help improve time savings, data accuracy, labor performance, and compliance.

HR Essentials

Paychex offers a go-to resource for essential human resource services, whether you're starting out, you're ready for a custom employee handbook, or you're in need of extra HR support.

On-Site HR Professional

Paychex HR Solutions ASO and PEO offer a dedicated HR professional, available to work on site with you and your employees on employee management and compliance issues.

401(k) & Retirement

As America's top 401(k) recordkeeper* and among the top 10 for fee disclosure transparency**, Paychex offers retirement solutions to satisfy employers and plan participants.

Why Does Your Business Need Paychex HR Services?

On-Site HR Support

Paychex HR Solutions PEO and ASO offer the support of an on-site human resource professional.

  • Your HR Professional

    We assign Paychex HR Solutions clients a personal, on-site HR professional, available to help with various aspects of employment management, such as benefits, worksite safety, and compliance issues.

  • Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

    Thousands of small businesses have begun a strong trend toward PEOs in order to access broad benefit options through an employer of record such as Paychex. We are among the top nationwide PEO providers in the country.

  • Administrative Services Organization (ASO)

    An ASO lets you retain full control over your workforce while helping you reduce HR paperwork, receive help with HR tasks, stay within state and federal regulations, and increase the competitiveness of your employee benefits package.

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Scalable HR Services

Get the HR services and support you need to confidently screen, hire, manage, and terminate employees.

  • HR Essentials

    We work with you to provide guidance and answers to your HR-related questions. Together we can customize your employee handbook, assess and develop your safety and loss control program, create management guides and conduct live employee training sessions. Resources from our extensive HR library and an informative online HR newsletter are also included.

  • Custom Employee Handbook

    Our HR specialists help you create an employee handbook that meets your specific business needs by helping inform you of state and federal regulations, and developing an employee manual that assists in limiting your exposure to employment-related lawsuits.

  • HR Online

    Managers and employees can log into our scalable, secure human resource management system (HRMS) to quickly view HR and benefits information and create reports while saving time and aggravation in the process.

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Keep Up with Changing Regulations

Making sure your business is in compliance with federal and state regulations can be a long, complex process. Paychex can help free you from the administrative hassles.

  • COBRA and State Continuation Coverage

    Reduce your workload by accessing plan information, adding new plans, and entering qualifying events online. Also included is a toll-free support line for you and your employee participants.

  • State Unemployment Insurance (SUI)

    Our SUI service takes care of time-consuming unemployment tasks that can lead to real savings for your business.

  • Safety and Loss Control

    A safety and loss program can provide assistance to help protect your business from costly non-compliance penalties while helping you stabilize workers' comp costs, enhance productivity, and reduce turnover.

  • Workers' Compensation

    The Paychex Workers' Compensation Payment Service helps improve your cash flow and eliminate large, up-front premium deposits and financing fees.

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Improve the Quality of Your Workforce — Recruit, Track, Check, and Screen

Get help finding and hiring employees who will do the job well and make a positive impact on the long-term success of your business.

  • Recruiting and Applicant Tracking

    Help improve the quality of your workforce and reduce turnover and cost-per-hire with tools to enable a more efficient, paperless recruiting and applicant tracking process.

  • Background Check Service

    Help maintain a safe workplace for your employees. Paychex makes it simple to conduct background checks, with a yearly subscription and a la carte options without the hassle of on-site inspections.

  • Employee Screening Services

    Include comprehensive background checks and drug testing as part of your hiring process in a package from Paychex that can help ensure employee safety while helping protect your business from the risk of costly lawsuits.

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