Retirement Plan Management

When you choose a retirement plan, you're positively affecting the financial future of your business and employees. Your company becomes more competitive in the employment marketplace, you retain valued employees, and your workforce feels more confident as they plan for their future. Your company wins, your employees win, and you win.

Whatever your requirements are for successful retirement fund management, consider how Paychex, one of the nation's top 401(k) recordkeepers for more than a decade*, can help.

Payroll and 401(k) Integration

Why double your paperwork? Your payroll data can be seamlessly integrated into your 401(k) plan for the ultimate payroll and retirement plan management. Enjoy a reduction in administrative burdens, greater efficiency, and improved data accuracy.

Retirement Plan Customization

Tailor your retirement plan to your company's changing requirements. Paychex offers many options, including automatic enrollment, contribution flexibility, safe harbor, profit sharing, personalized investment advice from GuidedChoice®, and more.

Fund Selection

Open Fund Select – Provides access to investment options from various fund companies and allows you to use an advisor of your choice.

Guided Fund Select – GuidedChoice® will select, monitor and replace as needed your plan's investments—reducing your fiduciary liability. 

Fixed Fund Select – Features predefined mutual-fund lineups through several investment partners.

Ongoing Retirement Fund Management

Handle retirement plan administration and have enough time in your day to tackle other responsibilities for your business. Paychex makes it possible by providing resources that help make retirement plan management both efficient and convenient. They include:

    Employee Information Website – Employees can learn more about what a 401(k) plan is, what it can do for them, how much to contribute, and learn how to enroll.

    Participant Website – Participants can view and change information, download transaction histories, and see rates of return for an entire account or individual funds.

    Employer Website – Get a summary of plan investments and elections, individual participant information, and reports, all in one location.

    Advisor Website – Advisors, if utilized by your business, can effectively service accounts by accessing plan and participant information online.

    Toll-Free Support Line for Participants – Plan participants can call regarding inquiries about their plan, access balances, and make account changes.

    Toll-Free Information Line for Employers – Access your plan and make adjustments anytime.