General Ledger Service

In less than a minute, our General Ledger Service allows your clients to post payroll entries to QuickBooks Pro® or other popular accounting programs. By offering a service that can integrate clients' payroll and general ledger reports, you'll also help them eliminate as much as a half-hour of data entry per pay period.

Post Your Clients' Payroll

Our reporting service gives you the opportunity to access your clients' data, with their permission, and post their payroll in three simple steps.

  1. Log into our secure Website
  2. Download your clients' payroll file
  3. Import payroll data directly to their program of choice

Export General Ledger Data in Several Formats

As part of our service, you can post data as a journal entry or post more detailed check and bank draft amounts. No matter which option you choose, a knowledgeable General Ledger Specialist is available to assist you with any questions.

Personal Service and Support

Soon after your clients enroll, a General Ledger Specialist will call them to set up their account and explain how to post payroll files to the accounting program. Be sure to speak with your client about being part of this important call.

Labor Distribution and Job Costing

Help your clients track and measure productivity and profitability through our General Ledger Service, with features that allow them to:

  • Display how and where money is spent.
  • Help determine what segments of the business are profitable.
  • Enable proportionate distribution of taxes by organizational unit or specific job.
  • Break out earnings by organizational unit, location, position, and job.