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10 Articles to Help You Improve Employee Retention

Human Resources

Employee retention is one of the hottest topics facing businesses today, and with good reason. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimates that 71 percent of workers are actively seeking new opportunities. This is a disconcerting statistic for businesses, since employee turnover may be expensive and can be disruptive to teams and clients. However, a small investment in employee retention may go a long way toward keeping your employees engaged and happy. If you're interested in developing an employee retention strategy but don't know where to start, these resources from Paychex can help get you up to speed on potential solutions.

The Society for Human Resource Management estimates that 71% of workers are actively seeking new opportunities.

  1. Having trouble retaining your millennial workers? Here's a deeper look at why your organization may need a millennial retention strategy.
  2. Not sure where to start when crafting your employee retention strategy? We offer a quick-hits guide to the five essential parts of any successful employee retention strategy.
  3. Successful retention starts at the top with your management and human resources leaders. Learn about how HR teams and managers can work together to support your company's retention goals.
  4. Don't assume that retention only comes down to salary and benefits. Take a deeper look at how other factors may play into an employee's decision to stay or go.
  5. Should you be conducting a stay interview with your most valued staff? Learn more about this important technique and how it can help you create a better employee experience.
  6. Your retention plans start before you ever hire a candidate. Explore how companies are crafting creative recruiting and hiring strategies around their long-term retention goals.
  7. Losing employees is expensive if you take into account factors such as recruiting new candidates to retraining costs. Take a closer look at the real costs of employee turnover and specific strategies to help you mitigate the risks.
  8. Sometimes it's the unexpected, personalized touches that can help boost employee retention. Here are five low-cost incentives that could help improve your retention rate.
  9. Are you ready to expand your employee retention efforts into more creative areas like gamification and exploring new types of benefits? Here are some ideas for out-of-the-box thinking around how to improve employee engagement and help stem attrition.
  10. Successful companies quickly learn that retention has to be a strategic priority. The right human capital management strategy can help. Learn how to know if your approach to HCM is helping or hurting your retention goals.

Educating your team about employee retention is the first step toward keeping your most valued employees engaged and committed to your company over the long-term. Subscribe to our monthly email newsletter, In the WORX, on the right side of this page to have additional information sent directly to your inbox.


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