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2017 Trends in Human Resource Development: What Did You Miss?

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  • Last Updated: 12/06/2017
trends in HR development
As the end of 2017 draws near, we reflect on some trends in HR that emerged this year.

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As the end of 2017 draws near, we reflect on some trends in HR that emerged this year. Now is a great time to look at each of the following and determine how you can properly prepare your business for the year ahead.

A New Generation in the Workforce: Gen Z

The latest generation to enter the workforce is Generation Z (those born approximately between 1990 and 1999). Consider how this new talent can fit into your business landscape, and the value they can bring to the workplace. You may also want to consider what it may take to prepare your millennial employees, along with employees of other age groups, to be effective co-workers and managers of this new generation.

Generation Z is often defined as a global-minded group with an interest in working for companies with a strong sense of purpose, typically seeking to be part of something that positively contributes to society. With this in mind, you may want to consider refreshing your mission and vision to reflect the connection your business has to the greater good.

This generation is generally entrepreneurial-minded; roles that treat them like owners of their part within the larger organization may help attract and engage them.

Generation Z

Disaster Readiness

This year several areas of the country dealt with the aftermath of disasters in the form of hurricanes, severe storms, flooding, cyber attacks, and other tragic events. These events caused losses for many businesses in the affected areas due to extended closures, power outages, and the overall impact that the events had on employees.

Jennifer Benz, PHR, SHRM-CP, Paychex HR consultant, recommends business owners take a proactive approach to being prepared for unexpected disasters. She provides this list of updates and questions to consider for year-end:

  • Employee emergency contact numbers
  • Beneficiary forms for 401(k) or life insurance policies
  • Emergency evacuation plans
  • Training: When was the last time your company had safety training, fire drills, or instruction for handling violence in the workplace?
  • Company handbook review: Does it include a policy regarding what happens in the event of a natural disaster or severe weather? Does it include a communication plan?
  • Insurance coverage: Does your business have proper insurance going into 2018 that would cover damages caused by a natural disaster?
  • BCP (Business Continuity Plan)

disaster readiness


Diversity and Small Business

 A diverse workforce can positively impact companies of any size. However, the trend is more about mindset – going far beyond just focusing on the numbers. Your overall company culture, behaviors, and attitude of inclusion are what can contribute to a positive work environment for your entire team.

Having a diverse team can help bring different perspectives to problem-solving and innovation. Now more than ever, employees are looking for a welcoming work environment.

Expand your candidate pool by featuring diversity in your workplace through your social media platforms. Update your online presence to send a welcoming message to attract top talent. Review workplace policies outlined in your employee handbook; conduct and behavior must always support diversity and inclusion for all employees.

Keeping pace with some of the latest trends in HR development can help your company remain competitive in the marketplace and attract top talent.

diversity and small business


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