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business owner using paychex flex

Business Solutions To Help Take Your Company Where It Needs To Go

Whether you have a small- midsize, or large business, Paychex has just the right combination of innovative business solutions and dedicated support to help it reach its goals.

Make Business Easier With Our Payroll, Benefits, and HR Solutions

Pay Your Employees

Pay employees however and whenever they need it, from direct deposit to paper checks, a paycard, and the option to offer Pay-on-Demand.

Build HR Resources and Insights

Make it easier to manage and support your employees with HR business solutions, technology, and resources to help boost productivity and generate key insights, plus optional HR guidance from a dedicated human resource professional.

Keep Up With Compliance

Our large team of compliance specialists monitor federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations that may affect your business.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Easily post jobs, track, screen, and onboard new employees online. We also simplify offering health insurance, a 401(k) plan, and other popular benefits to show employees how much you value them.

Manage Your Workforce

Get the most from your employees with technology, business services, and solutions to help you manage performance, compensation, time off, expenses, and more — all with the efficiency of employee self-service.

“We made a switch to Paychex, and we never looked back. It was the smartest thing we ever did.”

- Pat Iannatti
  Director of Human Resources

Business Management Solutions for Key Challenges

attracting talent

Attracting Talent

Attracting the right talent to your organization is critical. With the average cost of turnover at $15,0001, hiring the wrong employees can be expensive.

Learn More About Our Hiring Services

Paychex Business Solutions

  • Recruiting and Applicant Tracking

    Recruiting and Applicant Tracking

    Promote job openings, keep applicants engaged, and simplify the recruiting process.

  • Indeed Relationship

    Indeed Relationship

    Post jobs directly to Indeed from Paychex Flex®, making it easy to reach more quality candidates faster.

  • Onboarding


    Make a great first impression with workflows that capture new-hire paperwork digitally and through any mobile device. The added convenience of employee self-service onboarding can reduce hiring time and lessen the burden on HR administrators.

retaining talent

Retaining Talent

Did you know that 1 out of 3 employees say a lacking benefits package is one of the key reasons they seek other job opportunities2?

Paychex Business Solutions

  • Health Insurance

    Health Insurance

    Provide employees with affordable health insurance, and make it easy to enroll, view, and modify elections and dependents.

  • Retirement


    Help employees save for their future. We offer bundled recordkeeping and administration services, including plan documentation, form preparation, compliance testing, and investment options. Does your state have mandated retirement plans? We provide a range of options, from API connectivity to state plans, to our own integrated offerings.

  • Learning Management

    Learning Management

    Educate new hires, close skill gaps, and accelerate development with on-demand courses accessible anytime, anywhere.

  • HR Services

    HR Services

    Leverage the support of our dedicated HR professionals to help you get the most out of your tools within Paychex Flex. They provide assistance on how to attract, develop, and retain top talent in a competitive environment in compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

  • Retention Insights

    Retention Insights

    This report, based on 31 unique factors, uses predictive analytics to help you identify employees who may have a higher risk of leaving your company.

  • Talent Dashboard

    Talent Dashboard

    Leverage the Talent Dashboard to compare the performance rating and compensation of each function to help you reward your employees appropriately and equitably. View Retention Insights, time off with balances, and performance management ratings in one place without having to navigate to multiple screens.

Business Solution FAQs

  • What Is a Solution in Business?

    What Is a Solution in Business?

    Solutions for business are used to solve specific organizational problems or challenges. Today’s business solutions often use technology to help businesses improve processes, share information, or increase efficiencies. For example, there are business solutions for HR, payroll, marketing, IT, and more.

  • How Do You Provide Business Solutions?

    How Do You Provide Business Solutions?

    Whether you’re looking for small or midsize business solutions, enterprise-level solutions, or somewhere in between, a smart choice is outsourcing for maximum efficiency. Third-party payroll and HR business solutions, for instance, can help you and your team get back time in your day, all while offering cost savings and reputable service.