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employee reviewing their benefits on flock

Employee Benefits Administration Services

An all-in-one solution to manage your employee benefits.

Easily manage your company benefits in our simple, integrated platform.

What You Get with Flock Benefits Administration, by Paychex

Easy-to-Use Mobile Benefits Administration

Paychex’s new employee benefits administration software, Flock, allows you and your employees to make timely updates to benefits selections from anywhere, at any time. This platform is intuitive, making it easy-to-use—but should you need additional guidance, you can take advantage of the in-app assistance tools, including videos and tutorials.

Hundreds of Carrier Connections & Integrations

We have relationships with an abundance of insurance carriers and our leading technology allows us to connect to carriers with all different technology requirements. What's more: we can support your payroll needs through a few options.

Compatibility with Your Existing Broker

Already happy with your current broker? No problem. You don’t have to be a Paychex customer to take advantage of all that Flock has to offer.

Greater Accuracy

Flock helps you simplify and automate flexible benefits administration processes, ensuring accuracy and reducing the chance of human error when it comes to data entry, so you can save both time, and money.

Automate Your Employee Benefits Management

Our automated benefits administration technology can help you manage eligibility tracking, enrollment forms, benefits changes, and much more, including:

  • 24/7 access to benefit information for each employee, all in one location
  • Online management and communication of employee eligibility, new-hire dates, life events, and open enrollment
  • The ability to easily drill down into benefit details via our analytics dashboard
  • Streamlined processes to help reduce administrative burdens and costly errors
Two women sitting talking in the office

The Future of Benefits Administration is Here

Experience benefits administration like never before. Fully integrated with Paychex Flex, Flock’s mobile-friendly capabilities help reduce administrative burden and costly errors, while our ongoing support and training features empower employees through the enrollment process. Take a look at some of the ways Flock is changing benefits, including in-app tutorials, top carrier connections, intuitive dashboards, reporting, and much more.

Gain Total Visibility With Up-to-Date Benefits Data

Leverage complete administrative access and control over comprehensive benefits data and processes, including real-time status and eligibility changes. Drive informed decision-making with customized reports and visualizations by department, location, division, or other data categories. Data can also be shared with brokers or third-party administrators and is conveniently saved year to year.

employee reviewing their benefits on flock

Avionics Company Finds Smoother Sailing with Flock Benefits Solution

High tech avionics company finds way to leverage additional technology of Flock Benefits Administration to streamline open enrollment and remove time-consuming manual processes. 

HR Director of FreeFlight Systems offers tour of factory floor
FreeFlight Systems

"It has been a life-changing opportunity for me. It was the first time in 20 years that employees for FreeFlight Systems actually experienced electronic enrollment, and it was incredibly seamless for our team."

Morgan Branum
Director - Organizational Development, HR, Compliance
FreeFlight Systems

Offer Competitive Benefits

Help attract top talent and keep your current workforce happy by offering a competitive benefits package they can count on. We’ll help you select, establish, and manage your benefits administration so you don’t have to.

employee satisfied with their benefits

Benefits Administration FAQs

Additional Employee Benefits Resources

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