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HR compliance services

Get the HR compliance experts on your side

Staying up to date with employment regulations can be difficult even for seasoned HR compliance pros, let alone small-business owners with many other demands on their time. And the stakes can be high: Potential penalties, fines, and lawsuits can result even from seemingly minor infractions. In a 2017 study*, HR decision makers ranked keeping up with regulations as their most important challenge; complying with those regulations ranked third.

Paychex HR compliance services draw on our full team of compliance experts. We proactively monitor employment laws and regulations to help you stay aware of changes that could affect your business, whether you're a business owner who wants to minimize your risk of penalties and lawsuits, or an HR director looking to automate human resources compliance tasks.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Choose the right workers’ comp policy for your business, and manage it cost-effectively, with help from Paychex Insurance Agency.

COBRA Administration

Reduce your workload by integrating your payroll with our COBRA service to reduce administrative tasks and paperwork.

State Unemployment Insurance

Make SUI simple. Our SUI service works with your payroll to help you save time, hassles, and costs.

OSHA/Safety Programs

Implement a sound workplace safety program to help reduce risk; protect your employees and assets; and increase stability and employee productivity.

Custom Employee Handbooks

Help protect your business with an employee handbook that includes legally reviewed policies. 

Form 5500 Filing Service

Get help staying compliant with this annual reporting requirement for certain pension and welfare benefit plans easily and worry-free.

Take human resources compliance to a new level

HR Consulting Services

Expand your HR team’s capabilities with the option to work with a superbly trained HR professional dedicated to supporting your compliance efforts by helping you stay up to date with changing regulations.
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