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COBRA administration

COBRA continuation coverage that’s easy to manage and maintain

Is your business required to offer COBRA continuation coverage? It’s one of the easiest ways to be audited and fined for being out of compliance. If you have 20 or more employees and a group health plan, you may need to offer certain employees and their qualified beneficiaries the option to continue their health insurance coverage following termination, reduction of working hours, or other qualifying events. Paychex can help with our COBRA administrative services.

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Let us help with the difficult side of COBRA administration

  • COBRA compliance penalties can be expensive

    Penalties for noncompliance may cost you hundreds of dollars for each day that continuation coverage is not offered.* We help you monitor the laws so you can stay up to date.

  • In-house COBRA management can be difficult and time-consuming

    You’ll save time and effort when you leave the daily COBRA administration tasks to us. Whether you’re setting up a new program or want some help managing your current one, we can help.

  • State continuation requirements can vary

    Your state may also have laws requiring health insurance continuation, with their own penalties, even if you have fewer than 20 employees. We’ll help you manage insurance continuation compliance at the state level too.

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Simplify COBRA administration with Paychex

  • Get help starting and maintaining a program or managing your existing program
  • Send timely notices to qualified candidates
  • Receive help complying with COBRA-mandated programs
  • Request initial COBRA notices for new hires and upon termination
  • Track participant eligibility
  • Remove terminated employees from coverage
  • Communicate enrollments and terminations to the carrier
  • Make premium payments on time**

COBRA administration services that fit your needs

  • Launch and manage COBRA or your state continuation program

    Get help starting, maintaining, and managing a COBRA or state continuation program. We’ll send timely notices, receive and remit participant payments, and constantly track changes in the laws.

  • Simplify COBRA administration with Paychex payroll integration

    When you use Paychex payroll, we’ll also be able to send requests for a COBRA notice for new hires and upon the termination of qualified employees, simplifying your responsibilities even more.

  • Combine COBRA management with payroll and group health insurance through Paychex Insurance Agency

    Full integration with your payroll and group health plan means we can track participant eligibility, remove terminated employees, communicate with carriers, and make premium payments on time.**

Have an HR issue that doesn't involve COBRA administration? Ask an HR professional.

HR Consulting Services

Expand your HR team’s capabilities with the option to work with a superbly trained HR professional dedicated to supporting your compliance efforts by helping you stay up to date with changing regulations.

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