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Workforce Analytics that Fuel Insights

Human resources is complex. Getting the answers you need shouldn’t be. With Paychex Flex® you have human capital analytics and reporting on HR, pay, and benefits so you can make strategic decisions to improve your business.


Convenience When and Where You Need It

In an ever-changing workforce and an increasingly competitive environment, Paychex Flex delivers a seamless user experience from recruiting to retirement. That means you have access to human capital analytics data, when and where you need it. Use our 160 standard reports, create your own custom reports, or use the many easy dashboards—all directly within the area where you’re working in the platform.

Deeper Insights that Fuel Growth

Through descriptive analytics and powerful visualizations, the system provides specific insightful information that helps you track workplace trends and monitor labor analytics and costs. 


Get Quick Answers

Utilize the drawer on your dashboard to access frequently referenced pieces of information, with additional detail a click away.

Access a Report Library

Start with our 160 tried and tested reports across payroll, HR, benefits, and accounting, and if desired, customize them to meet your individual needs.

Utilize Function-Focused Dashboards

Enjoy specific dashboards focused on the needs of functional experts from recruiting to benefits and payroll. 


Create Custom HR Analytics and Reporting

Paychex Flex workforce analytics are available throughout the platform, but users with advanced needs can use our powerful custom Analytics and Reporting tool to create reports and visualizations that meet the unique demands of their business.


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