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Recommended Package Options and Pricing

Paychex Flex Essentials Demo

Paychex Flex® Essentials

Easy online signup, payroll, and tax filing for hands-on owners.

Price: $39 per month + $5 per employee

Paychex Flex Select Demo

Paychex Flex® Select

Enhanced payroll with HR support for businesses of every size.

Price: Custom based on your needs.

Paychex Flex Pro Demo

Paychex Flex® Pro

Full-service payroll and HR, hiring, and onboarding services.

Price: Custom based on your needs.

Payroll Bundle Options that Fit the Needs of Any Size Business

Payroll & Financial Support
Payroll Processing

Complete payroll online from desktop or mobile with the option to work with a dedicated payroll specialist. We can also integrate your payroll with HR and benefits for easier management.

Taxpay® Payroll Tax Administration

Automatically calculate, file, and pay payroll taxes from your account when required, so you can focus on running your business.

Employee Pay Options

Empower employees to review and select pay options including paper checks, direct deposit, tip disbursement for tipped employees, and pay cards.

General Ledger Service

Easily transfer payroll data to accounting software to create customizable and flexible reports and improve efficiency, workflow, accuracy, and accessibility.

Garnishment Payment Service

Automatically deducts and remits garnished wages to the appropriate agency. If opted in, the package price will increase.



Employee Experience
Employee Self-Service and Mobile Experience

Add new employees and invite them to register for a Paychex Flex® account where they can complete daily activities, view pay and tax information, and stay informed and engaged with business activities.

Financial Wellness and Cashflow Assistance

Help workers meet their financial goals with a variety of tools and education, including short-term loans.

Learning Management System<sup>1</sup>

Make e-learning a priority at your business with online courses and learning journeys designed to help your employees stay educated, engaged, and focused while helping improve employee retention and reduce turnover.

Paycheck Preview and Approval

Make it easy for employees to review their paycheck before payday with Paychex Pre-check℠ while helping you reduce payroll discrepancies and costly corrections.

Talent Management
Hiring and Onboarding

Make it easier to communicate, assign onboarding tasks, and acclimate new hires to your business culture with our paperless, digital onboarding experience.

HR Library

Access important human resources documents for your employees and your business.

Job Posting Website Integrations

Integrate with job boards, including Indeed, to post jobs, schedule interviews, and handle hiring workflows which can save time and produce consistent results.

Employee Handbook Builder

Utilize our online handbook builder tool that provides access to federal and state policies. Customize your handbook with additional policies appropriate to your business needs.

Pre-Employment Screening

Gain more confidence in your employee screening process with a streamlined package of post-offer, pre-hire and post-hire background checks.

Recruiting and Applicant Tracking

Allow our full solution to make the process easier for you and your job candidates by standardizing job posting, interview scheduling, and improving communication. If opted in, the package price will increase.



Performance Management

Engage and develop your employees with a simple and transparent performance review process, and digitally track communications with our customizable performance management system. If opted in, the package price will increase.



Document Management

Access a centralized and secure file repository for company forms, policies, and references, plus employee documents and certifications. If opted in, the package price will increase.



Workforce Management
New Hire Reporting

Meet state reporting requirements for new and rehired employees and independent contractors.

Labor Posters

Receive up-to-date printed or electronic federal and state posters for display in your workplace.

Custom Analytics and Reports Center

Efficiently manage HR, payroll, and benefits with more than 160 standard reports and the ability to create custom reports.

Job Costing and Labor Distribution

Organize expenses and determine which departments are most profitable and create labor assignments to your specifications and view your segmented data in reports.

State Unemployment Insurance Service

Get assistance with managing your unemployment insurance claims and processes.



Time and Attendance

Efficiently track time, manage schedules, and support compliance with our touchless clocking solutions and powerful Paychex Flex app. If opted in, the package price will increase.




Workers’ Compensation Payment Service<sup>2</sup> or Report Service

Help maintain your cash flow and minimize the threat of large year-end policy audit payments by paying premiums based on actual wages with the Workers' Compensation Payment Service. Or get a Workers' Compensation Report allowing you to compare your actual WC responsibilities to what you are currently paying your provider.




General Ledger Integrations

Reduce the time spent on payroll tasks and minimize the potential for errors. We work with hundreds of accounting software packages including QuickBooks® Online, Sage and XeroTM -- posting is fast, easy, and secure.

Paychex Integrations‎

Get the freedom to choose the solutions that work best for you. Share data between Paychex Flex and leading software solutions for accounting, hiring, HR, and more with our API integrations. There may be additional cost involved depending on the integration.




Benefits Administration

Make your employee benefits easier to manage with access to more efficient recordkeeping, plus flexible plan designs, full-service administration, and employee self-service. If opted in, the package price will increase.




Retirement Services

Paychex is the #1 provider of 401(k) plans in the country. From finding a new plan, to enrollment and plan maintenance, we are here to help. If opted in, the package price will increase.




Group Health Benefits<sup>2</sup>

Attract and retain the best talent with access to cost-effective, comprehensive benefits packages adaptable to your business needs.




Business Insurance<sup>2</sup>

Get complete business coverage for your organization, from a business owner’s policy to workers’ compensation, whether you’re a small business, LLC, or have hundreds of employees.





Integrate payroll with our COBRA service to reduce administrative tasks and paperwork. If opted in, the package price will increase.


Premium Only Plan

Help employees save money by reducing their taxable income, which in turn helps reduce your company's payroll taxes. If opted in, the package price will increase.


Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Savings Account (HSA), and Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)

Health benefits accounts can help you attract employees, reduce your tax bill, and control healthcare costs, especially in combination with a high-deductible health insurance plan.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is It Difficult To Switch to Paychex From My Current Payroll Provider?

    Is It Difficult To Switch to Paychex From My Current Payroll Provider?

    Switching to Paychex is simple. We can have you up and running in as few as 48 hours after signing up. We work with you to collect the necessary paperwork and balance your year-to-date payroll data, and often we’re even able to help pull your data directly from your previous payroll company’s system.

  • What Do I Need To Sign Up for Paychex Payroll Services?

    What Do I Need To Sign Up for Paychex Payroll Services?

    To begin the process, just submit your name, email address, and phone number. To speed up the enrollment process, be sure to be ready to provide the following:

    • Company and employee information, including Federal Tax ID Number; employees’ personal, payment, and tax information; your company’s tax information; and your bank account details.
    • Signed tax documents and agreement, including federal and stateᵼ tax documents and service agreements.

    Once your enrollment application has been reviewed by our Customer Support team, you can start running your first payroll.

    *A wet signature may be required on your state tax documents. We’ll let you know.

  • What Is a Payroll Package?

    What Is a Payroll Package?

    A payroll package generally includes either an on-premise or cloud-based solution that manages, maintains, and issues payments to employees, along with providing help calculating, filing, and paying payroll taxes. Certain payroll bundles may also offer businesses assistance from a dedicated payroll specialist.

  • How Much Does It Cost To Outsource Payroll?

    How Much Does It Cost To Outsource Payroll?

    For payroll pricing, there are many options built specifically for small businesses. Paychex has payroll packages starting as low as $39 + $5 per employee per month. Contact us today and we can work to help you find a payroll solution that best fits your business and budget needs.

  • Can I Customize a Paychex Payroll Package?

    Can I Customize a Paychex Payroll Package?

    A Paychex representative can help you determine a payroll plan that best fits your business and budget needs. We can help you look at payroll service pricing, as well as a pricing structure that's right for your business and employees.

  • How Do I Know Which Package To Choose?

    How Do I Know Which Package To Choose?

    The payroll and HR services your business needs depends on many factors. Speak with a Paychex representative to help you conduct a comparison of payroll software options and choose a payroll bundle that best fits where your business is today, while keeping in mind your plans for the future.

  • My Company Is Growing. How Easy Is It To Adjust the Solutions I Need?

    My Company Is Growing. How Easy Is It To Adjust the Solutions I Need?

    Each of our payroll bundles and solutions are built to grow with you. Your Paychex representative can help you easily add services as they become necessary, as well as recommend a solution that may better fit the changing needs of your business.

  • Can Paychex Help With More Than Just Payroll?

    Can Paychex Help With More Than Just Payroll?

    Beyond payroll, we help you to get more from your people, money, and productivity. We'll help you handle payroll taxes with Paychex Taxpay, solve your human resources challenges, create and manage your benefits program, find business insurance to protect what you’ve worked hard to build, and help keep you up-to-date with changing laws and regulations.

  • Which Payroll Company Is the Most Cost-Effective?

    Which Payroll Company Is the Most Cost-Effective?

    If you’re looking for a cost-effective payroll provider, Paychex offers leading payroll and tax filing services paired with industry-leading HR technology. When it comes to payroll costs and understanding which payroll system is best, consider a solution that can meet your needs now and grow with you as your business needs change. We can work to help you choose a payroll package that fits your current and future business needs. Learn more about how to switch payroll companies.