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Customer Engagement and Online Marketing Services

Increase online visibility and profitability by focusing on the most crucial aspect of your business: lead generation and sales. In partnership with Blue Market™, we designed our data-driven online marketing platform to increase new leads, improve local search results, and reach the new and existing customers on the devices and networks they use most.

Turn Site Visitors Into Customers

Fast-track your business growth by leveraging the power of systems, automation, and seamless integration in our business hub system. Our online marketing platform provides:

  • Local listings management (Google®, Facebook®, Yahoo!®, Bing™, Yelp™, etc.)
  • Maps and mobile optimization
  • Reputation and online reviews management
  • Social posting and management
  • Customer engagement systems
  • Exclusive access to an online community of digital marketing experts
  • Ongoing online business education with courses, webinars, live workshops, and discussion groups only available to Paychex clients.

What You Get with Paychex Digital Marketing Services

Be Found

Research shows that if your company has conflicting business information online, it hurts your rankings, reduces your online visibility, and slows your growth opportunities. We can update your business information on all major platforms, all at once, directly from your profile with us.

Gather Reviews

Online reviews are now as trusted as personal referrals. Times have changed. So now more than ever, you want to have your best reviews front and center. We give you the online tools to respond, engage, and benefit from your online fans.

Automate Leads

Let’s face it, being a business owner can be overwhelming. There is so much to get done each day, including working with new potential leads and getting them to commit to buy your services. Let us automate the new lead nurturing process for you, taking them all the way up to the actual purchase.

Get repeat business

Getting a new customer is tougher and costs more than keeping and reselling to an existing customer. We will provide you with the resources, tools, and systems required to keep your current clients up-to-date on your offers, specials, and announcements, and we’ll save you time in the process.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Paychex Online Marketing Services

Digital marketing solutions allow business owners to increase online visibility, attract more leads, and grow their businesses while simplifying their life.

Digital Marketing Services FAQs

  • What are digital marketing services?

    What are digital marketing services?

    Paychex Digital Marketing Services is powered by the Blue Market Online Business Hub system, which includes the latest essential digital marketing tools and software that all businesses need to grow their business online. The Business Hub is a one stop platform where business owners can manage and even automate many online marketing opportunities. The Business Hub includes tools to manage online listings, customer reviews, content creation, social media posting, Google My Business updates, SEO and leads capture, and nurturing potential leads, once they are on your website. The Business Hub also provides hours of online training, webinars, guest experts, and an online community of like-minded business owners to interact and share ideas with. And the Blue Market Business Hub is being exclusively offered to Paychex clients only.

  • What are the basics of digital marketing?

    What are the basics of digital marketing?

    Digital marketing for small businesses is focused on maximizing all online platforms, strategies, and automation to increase the visibility of the company’s business profile, message, products, and services offered on their business website. Some essential digital marketing services are customer reviews management, social media management, consistent business listings, SEO and content creation. A key component of digital marketing is knowing who your target audience is and then figuring out where they usually go to do online research about businesses. Online research can be done using social media sites; search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing; local directories; review sites; mobile map software; and even voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Hey Google.

  • What services are the best digital marketing companies providing?

    What services are the best digital marketing companies providing?

    In order to be considered a complete digital marketing agency, the following solutions should be offered:

    • Local directory listings management (Google Local Search, Facebook, Yelp, etc.)
    • Reputation and reviews management
    • Mobile-optimized website assistance
    • Online advertising and digital marketing systems
    • Content creation (blog posts, video, graphics, ads) and an online marketing analytics platform 
    • Online advertising management software for multiple platforms
    • SEO management and optimization tools
    • Social media post creation, marketing, and management platform
    • Education and training on all digital marketing opportunities
  • How much does it cost to do digital marketing?

    How much does it cost to do digital marketing?

    Many make the mistake of thinking online marketing will be expensive, but in fact, due to the variety of options and strategies, all small businesses can find a digital marketing solution to fit their budget. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to make sure the solutions you choose are implemented to address actual, online weaknesses in your business. That way you can be assured your digital marketing efforts will provide results that will grow your business. Additionally, who you choose to help you in your digital marketing can play a major role in the effectiveness of the digital marketing strategies you choose. Many digital marketing agencies are one-trick ponies, offering only one service, and then they try to make all businesses fit within this narrow area of expertise. If their solution isn’t what your business needs most in that moment, it will not provide you with the results you were hoping to see. Alternatively, if you can find a single provider, with expertise in multiple online marketing services, just like we have at Paychex Digital Marketing Services, you can implement cost-effective solutions, synergistic solutions, focused on specific goals, fully integrated to grow and add new revenue streams to as your company evolves and the data dictates.

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