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Gene Marks

Gene Marks is a business owner, small business expert, author, speaker, CPA, and columnist for The Washington Post.

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Which Presidential Candidate Will Cause Your Employment Costs To Rise? The Answer May Surprise You

According to small business expert Gene Marks, there is no question that employment costs have increased and could continue to increase in the coming years. Will either presidential candidate reverse the trend, or will these costs continue to rise?

After the Pandemic: What’s Next for Your Employees

After the coronavirus pandemic your company will begin to get back to business and slowly work its way back to normal. But what is normal?

The CARES Act Makes It Easier To Tap Your Retirement Savings. Don't Be Tempted

It sounds enticing, I know. There's a good chunk of cash that you can access without penalties. So why not just do it?  Please don't. I'm talking about your retirement savings, particularly the savings in your IRA, 401(k) or other retirement accounts.  Thanks to the recent CARES Act, the rules for getting to your retirement funds have been significantly relaxed. It's now much easier. You first must prove that you've been either medically and/or financially affected by COVID-19, and most of us have been.

7 Actions You Need to Take to Gain Every Advantage of the SECURE Act

The SECURE Act is now law, and there are seven things you should be doing now, or in the near future, to fully take advantage of it.

You’re Living in 2019. I’m Already in 2029!

Washington Post columnist Gene Marks reflects on the recently released Future of Work report and the ways in which his own workforce has changed. Do you see the same shifts happening in your business?

Marijuana: Weighing the Risks of Drug Testing in a Rapidly Changing Regulatory Landscape

As regulations around marijuana start changing and the general acceptance of it continues to increase, now may be a good time to evaluate your company's drug testing policies. Gene Marks dives more into this hot-button topic.

It's Not About Training. It's About Your Training Strategy.

While there's no debate that great firms make training and job skills a priority, there's still the question on how to provide training effectively and affordably. Gene Marks explores how you can do this.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Laws are on the Rise: Is Your Company Complying?

The topic of sexual harassment continues to be at the center of our national dialogue. In addition to raising public awareness, the #MeToo movement has had a significant impact on employers. Read on if you're unsure about which laws are applicable to your company.

Five Big Issues for Businesses Heading Into the 2018 Midterms

The midterm elections are fast approaching, and it's becoming clear that whoever takes control of Congress will have a significant impact on many companies. Gene Marks identifies five hot-button issues businesses are on the lookout for heading into and beyond Nov. 6.

Struggling to Find Good Employees? Here’s What You Can Do About It

If you're like many employers today, you may be facing the effects of a tightening labor market. Gene Marks looks at why this is happening, and offers some suggestions that can help you stay competitive.

Considering Paying a Tax Reform Bonus? 7 Questions You Need to Consider

Since tax reform legislation passed in December, many companies are paying bonuses. Should you do the same? Gene Marks offers 7 important questions you should ask yourself before doing this.

5 Technologies Every Growing Restaurant Must Consider

What do today's profitable and growing restaurants have in common? They embrace new technologies and applications. Washington Post columnist and small business influencer Gene Marks shares five notable technologies that growing restaurants should consider.

5 Huge Trends in Small Business HR Tech That Will Impact Your Company in the Next Two Years

Just a few years ago it was hard to believe sensitive company information would be hosted by a third party somewhere in 'the cloud.' But that's all changing fast. What other big trends in small business HR tech will be impacting companies in the next two years? Don't miss out.

4 Things Every Employer Needs to Know About Paid Time Off (And 4 Actions You Should Take)

Millennials, and Americans in general, don't take enough paid time off compared to employees in most other countries. Here's what you should know about PTO as an employer.