Accounting Tools and Resources

Paychex offers several tools and resources that have proven to be especially valuable to accounting professionals. They're intended to help you run an efficient practice and deliver maximum value to your clients.

Accountant Knowledge Center

Powered by CCH, the Accountant Knowledge Center is a free, online tool that provides industry news, answers to payroll, HR, tax questions, and more!

CPE Seminars

Paychex offers online and on-site CPE seminars to help answer key business questions and to fulfill CPE requirements.

Accountant Publications

Obtain a free copy of the U.S. Master Tax Guide®, download this year's payroll calendar, and create a list of federal and state payroll and retirement rate information with Paychex Tax Facts.

Federal and State Tax Forms

Review, print, or download various state tax forms, instructions, and all the pertinent publications for both current and prior tax years.

Web Linking

Link your website to, and connect your clients to essential products, services, and resources.