General Ledger Service

As the main accounting record, the general ledger becomes the permanent history of all financial transactions made and serves as the basis for key financial statements such as the Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

Each pay period, many businesses key the payroll information from their general ledger into accounting software such as QuickBooks Pro®, in order to merge it with other financial information. However, posting payroll information to your accounting software by hand can be both tedious and prone to costly errors.

Payroll-Related General Ledger Reports

Paychex provides reports to help you and your accountant track payroll-related general ledger transactions and account number assignments.

Paychex General Ledger Service is fully compatible with popular accounting software, including: Paychex Accounting OnlineSM, QuickBooks Pro®, Sage 50®, Sage 300®, Datafaction, Intacct®, MYOB®, and Creative Solutions. A generic text file can be created for software not supported.

  • Quick:
    With one click, your accounting software reflects current payroll information.
  • Accurate:
    Electronic imports reduce the likelihood of costly errors.
  • Customizable:
    Match earnings, deductions, and taxes to the proper account.
  • Portable:
    Access your reports even while you are away from your business.
  • Secure:
    Protected by Paychex’ secure single-sign-on feature.
  • Easy-to-Use:
    An intuitive user-interface makes reporting simple and seamless. 


Labor Distribution and Job Costing

Tracking and measuring productivity and profitability can be significant elements of general ledger reporting. Our service offers these features to help achieve these goals:

  • Displays how and where money is spent.
  • Helps determine what segments of your business are profitable.
  • Enables proportionate distribution of taxes by organizational unit or specific job.
  • Breaks out earnings by organizational unit, location, position, and job, as needed.

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