Paychex FlexSM

Online payroll processing makes pay day simple. With Paychex Flex, you can submit payroll in as few as two clicks, and feel secure that your payroll is being processed by a national industry leader, backed by live, local support from a personal Payroll Specialist.

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Paychex Flex

Run Payroll Easily

A Paychex Payroll Specialist will help you submit your first payroll by phone and invite you to an instructor-led webinar that will have you processing payroll online by your next pay period.

Automatically Submit Payroll

In just two clicks, you can select, preview, and submit payroll to Paychex — perfect for payrolls that stay the same each pay period.

Easily Import Payroll

It's quick and easy to upload payroll directly from a time and attendance system, then review and confirm the totals before submitting it to Paychex for processing.

Calculate Check Amounts

It's simple to calculate an employee's gross-to-net or net-to-gross check amount before you submit your online payroll to Paychex.

Preview Your Payroll

Determine your payroll and tax expenses by viewing your payroll journal and cash requirements prior to processing.

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