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Save Time, Money, and Headaches with a Mobile POS System

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  • Last Updated: 07/09/2015
mobile pos system
Small business credit card processing is an important part of sales for business owners. In today's digital world, a mobile Point-of-sale (POS) system can simplify the process, saving you time, money, and headaches.

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Small business owners are busy people, often juggling multiple responsibilities throughout the day. And while making sales (and processing them) are what drive a business, the paperwork and recordkeeping can be a time consuming, disorganized mess, especially for business owners on the go. If this sounds like you, a mobile POS system could be the answer to your small business credit card processing woes.

A Mobile POS System Keeps Small Business Owners Organized

Accounting is one area of business that greatly relies on organizing transactional information and details for later use in financial and tax records. It's also been an area that can easily overwhelm busy small business owners with the sheer volume of information to track.

A mobile POS system helps simplify this process. Using a handheld device like an iPad®, business owners and staff can record all sales as they occur, updating customer information in real time. Records such as sales, returns, voids, and discounts are available at the touch of a button. Touch-screen access and easy to navigate menus make it easy to organize and access inventory information and small business credit card processing records whether you are in your place of business or out on the road.

A Mobile POS Saves Time for Everyone

Another benefit to using a mobile POS that goes hand-in-hand with better organization is the time it saves. Because the information you need is at your fingertips, you'll no longer waste time looking for small business credit card processing slips, client records, or the particulars of a transaction from a paper-based invoice or handwritten notes. As information is updated in real-time across the system, each member of your sales team can find what they need to know quickly, cutting down on the time spent on phone calls and listening to or answering voicemail. And because the information may be centralized on one server or may even be cloud-based, you don't have to visit a specific terminal to review the data you need—it can be delivered to the palm of your hand.

Reduces Overhead Costs

One of the reasons accounting has the potential of being an organizational nightmare for business owners has been federal and state requirements to keep paper records for many years. In this digital age, however, a move to a mobile POS means a significant reduction in not only the amount of paper used for accounting, but in the cost. As businesses moved to automate accounting systems with desktop computers, laptop computers, servers, and now cloud-based accounting solutions, overhead costs have been greatly reduced. Purchasing a few iPads and a mobile POS system for small business credit card processing transactions may be cheaper (and simpler) for business owners than their previous options—reducing overhead costs.

Small Business Credit Card Processing Helps Your Accounting Plan

In addition to all of the benefits one of these systems may bring to processing credit card information, mobile POS systems can benefit your overall accounting plan. They simplify the transfer of information from the transactions themselves into the records required for monthly bookkeeping and annual financial and tax recording. This saves not only time and money, but headaches for small business leaders and their staff.



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