Workers' Compensation Insurance

Employers in most states are legally required to carry workers' compensation insurance, so it's important to work with an agency with a deep understanding of the issues and regulations involved. Paychex Insurance Agency, one of the largest firms for workers' compensation services, can help you choose the right policy for your business, as well as offer effective ways to manage it.

Workers' Compensation Payment Service

You wouldn't pay your employees' salaries a year in advance, so why pay your workers' comp premiums up front? Paychex Workers' Compensation Payment Service integrates with Paychex Payroll to calculate your premiums using actual wages, not estimates. As a result, you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Improved budgeting and stabilized cash flow with no large down payments or fees;
  • Minimized exposure of additional premiums or balloon payments upon audits;
  • Freedom from writing checks or tracking payment schedules;
  • Partnerships with top-rated carriers who offer competitive rates; and
  • A 24-hour, toll-free hotline for easy claim reporting to your carrier.

Workers' Compensation Report Service

If you choose not to integrate your workers' comp with Paychex Payroll, we still offer reliable reports that use actual wages for each classification code. Available on a quarterly or monthly basis, our Workers' Compensation Report Service can help you:

  • Maintain control over workers' comp costs;
  • Minimize the hassle of gathering employee information for reporting; and
  • Make it easier to manage premium payments with your carrier.

Paychex Insurance Agency offers better, more cost-effective ways to manage your workers' compensation and other insurance needs. Talk to a Licensed Agent Today!

Insurance is sold and serviced by Paychex Insurance Agency, Inc., 150 Sawgrass Dr., Rochester, NY 14620. CA License #0C28207. 877-266-6850. The Paychex Insurance Agency Workers' Compensation Payment Service is available in all states except Alaska, North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, and Wyoming.