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ACH payment processing and eChecks

Accept more than just credit cards

While many of your potential customers have credit cards, the fact is a good many do not (studies suggest about 28 percent of Americans don’t own at least one credit card1). Automated Clearing House (ACH) and electronic check (eCheck) processing gives you the ability to augment your credit card payments by offering the same level of convenience to this large and underserved market.

  • Save money

    The cost of ACH payment processing and eChecks is likely less than half that of credit card processing, with no deposit and posting preparation costs.

  • Get your funds faster

    You can receive funds for payments made by ACH or eCheck funds on settlement day, rather than a delay of  one or more days.

  • Boost customer satisfaction

    Make it easier and less expensive for a much wider customer base to buy your products and services, and reduce hassle over delinquencies.

Woman using her laptop to make payments
using a computer to make payments

Why offer ACH and eCheck processing?

  • ACH is the fastest growing electronic payment type, with over 21 billion transactions per year
  • No deposit and posting preparation costs
  • Less customer hassle over delinquencies
  • Fewer manual procedures
  • No more return envelopes and postage
  • The ability to set up automated, recurring billing to increase on-time payments

Even more reasons to consider ACH and eCheck processing

  • Process payments through multiple gateways

    Our flexible solution lets you handle ACH and credit card processing with a variety of payment gateways, with most shopping carts, and with many other customer and billing management systems.

  • Help increase on-time payments

    ACH lets you set up automated, recurring billing to help increase timely payments for customers who pay for your product or service on an ongoing basis.

  • ACH and eCheck payment processing from within QuickBooks®

    Quickly and easily process ACH, eCheck payments, and credit cards with our powerful, secure plugin for your existing QuickBooks software.

  • Convert paper check payments into ACH transactions

    You can even turn payments made via paper check into electronic ACH transactions with Paychex terminal and web-based solutions.

Something else to consider

Online Payment Services

Skip the payment terminal and give yourself the power to process payments from anywhere, anytime. Flexible settings also allow you to accept recurring installment payments.
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