Sales Tax Services

If your business conducts commerce in multiple states, it can be challenging to calculate sales and use taxes on product categories, keep up with changing tax rates, and pay state sales tax on time.

Our Sales Tax Service Makes it Easy

Paychex offers an affordable and easy-to-use sales tax payment solution* to help minimize the risks associated with sales and use taxes. Our service:

    • Covers sales tax determination, prepares and file tax returns, and transfers tax obligation to tax agencies.
    • Helps reduce processing costs and potential errors.
    • Provides electronic administration of exemption certificates.
    • Cuts the cost of maintaining audit trails and responding to audit requests.

Spend Time on Sales, Not State Sales Tax

Paychex Sales Tax Payment Service is compatible with the following accounting packages, point-of-sale systems, and shopping carts for real-time data integration you may already be comfortable with today — saving time on tax administration.

    • QuickBooks®
    • Miva Merchant
    • PayPal®
    • Magento® eCommerce
    • Microsoft® Dynamics
    • CommerceV3

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