Tax Credit Services

Billions of dollars in tax credits go unclaimed each year due to companies not knowing they qualified, or deciding that they don't have the experience or the time to handle the paperwork involved.

Paychex Tax Credit Services* create a well-documented and legally compliant audit trail to help you claim credits, including:

Location-Based Tax Credits

Empowerment Zone, California enterprise zone, and other large tax credit incentives are based on business location, or on the ability to create jobs in certain areas of the country. Our small-business tax credit service can help you capture location-based credits by taking care of the rigorous requirements, such as:

    • Documenting address changes, hours worked, and wages and credits earned for qualified employees.
    • A comprehensive year-end report for easy preparation of tax returns.
    • Maintaining documentation and an audit trail for seven years.
    • Tracking changes to legislation and regulations to help your credits stay in compliance.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Hiring individuals from groups with significant barriers to employment, such as food-stamp recipients, temporary assistance for needy family (TANF) recipients, and unemployed veterans, can make you eligible for federal and state tax credits ranging from $1,200–$9,600 per employee. To help you claim these valuable credits, Paychex offers:

    • Applicant eligibility verification and screening via paper, phone, or Web.
    • Preparation and filing of applicant pre-screening forms.
    • Tracking of hours worked and wages paid.
    • Quarterly and annual reports showing credits you've earned.

Additional Tax Credits

Paychex Tax Credit Services also assist with:

  • Research and Development Wage-Based Credit
  • Cost Segregation
  • Training Incentives
  • State Tax Credits
  • Grant Screening and Writing
  • Domestic Production Deduction

Do You Qualify for Tax Credits?

You may have already earned a federal, state, or local tax credit. Don't leave that money on the table due to complicated requirements and paperwork.

Let Paychex help you claim the small business tax credits you deserve.

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