Employee Time Clock Software

With an already full agenda, tracking your employees’ hours can put extra stress on your busy schedule and bottom line. Paychex can help. 

Paychex TrueShiftTM

The TrueShift time clock is an economical, easy-to-use time and attendance solution that delivers visibility to your labor data so you can:

  • make informed decisions,
  • improve payroll accuracy, and
  • save money.

See TrueShift in Action


Why TrueShift?


Easily transmit data from TrueShift to Paychex Flex®, our scalable, cloud-based human capital management solution that fully supports your payroll and HR administration requirements.


Get visual confirmation on failed punches. A built-in camera takes a picture of users who experience a failed punch via the fingerprint scanner. Managers receive an automated email with the image included.

Time Savings

Leverage automated tracking and reporting features so you can spend less time manually preparing time sheets or reconciling discrepancies.


Easily track labor metrics to help you comply with applicable wage and hour requirements, including overtime pay.


Run reports so you can see results for a day, week, pay period, or longer. Find information fast, including when employees punch in and out, overtime worked, and time off taken. Print timecard reports, email them to employees or branch locations, and export data directly into Paychex Flex.

Flexible Access

Increase security and efficiency with the clock's state-of-the-art biometric technology. Employees can easily clock in and out via the fingerprint reader. 

Other options include proximity badge, PIN entry, and web punch via computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Cost Management

Increase awareness of key labor details so you can proactively control your most valuable and expensive resource. Receive automatic alerts identifying employees approaching overtime hours.


Implement a solution that can grow with your business. Each clock can maintain up to 500 employee records and multiple clocks can be connected via the internet or network.

Streamlined Setup

Bypass the administrative hassle of setting up each employee in person. Employees can enroll themselves right at the clock.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Skip the Ethernet connection — this standard feature offers even more flexibility in where clocks can operate.