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Outsourcing Human Resource Services: How Outsourcing Human Resource Services Can Help Build a Business

outsourcing hr services to build a business

State and federal HR regulations can change quickly. Without the experience, guidance, and advice of a dedicated HR outsourcing service, small business owners could be at risk for non-compliance, costly employee lawsuits, and other HR landmines.

This white paper examines the breadth of expertise HR outsourcing organizations can provide to small businesses, including:

  • HR services that span the entire employee life cycle.
  • Worksite management, including safety and loss control services and workers' compensation administration.
  • Employee benefits management for insurance plans, section 125, COBRA administration, and more.
  • Retirement plan recordkeeping and management.
  • Payroll and tax services such as direct deposit, payroll tax remittance, time and labor management, and more.

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