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Making a sale is supposed to be one of the fun parts of running a business. But complying with sales tax laws is no fun at all. Calculating sales-and-use taxes on product categories, keeping up with tax rates, and paying state sales tax can be time-consuming — and costly, if you make a mistake.

Paychex helps bring back the satisfaction and remove the risk from selling your products and services with our easy-to-use sales tax payment service.

  • Time savings and risk reduction

    We'll calculate, file, and pay your sales taxes to the appropriate agencies.

  • Compatible with your existing solutions

    Our integration with leading e-commerce software saves you time and effort.

  • Easy install and maintenance

    All that’s required is an internet connection and, in some instances, a small plug-in.

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What you’ll get with our sales tax payment services

  • Sales tax determination
  • Preparation and filing of your tax returns
  • Transfer of tax liabilities to tax agencies
  • A comprehensive audit trail
  • Easy compatibility with your accounting and e-commerce software
  • A free mobile app to file and pay sales taxes on the go

Spend time on sales, not sales tax

  • Accurate and timely payment and reporting

    Help stay compliant with tax rate updates and rule changes through automatically tracking your tax amounts due, identifying your jurisdictions, filing your returns, and remitting on-time payments.

  • A solid audit trail

    Cut the cost of maintaining audit trails and responding to audit requests with a fully automated audit process including comprehensive reports that track all transactions from beginning to end, jurisdiction by jurisdiction.

  • Compatibility with e-commerce software

    Compatible accounting packages, point-of-sale systems, and shopping carts include:

    • QuickBooks®
    • Sage 50 Accounting®, Sage 100 ERP®, and Sage 500 ERP®
    • Microsoft DynamicsTM
    • NetSuite®
  • Mobility

    Download our free app to manage sales taxes on the go. Simply enter total sales information and the app will calculate the taxes owed. Paychex Sales Tax Payment Service will generate and file the tax returns and remit payment. You can also use the mobile app to look up sales tax rates across the U.S.

Something else to consider

Online Accounting

Easily manage your bookkeeping with Kashoo Online Accounting, a cloud-based alternative to QuickBooks® that’s fully integrated with Paychex payroll and built especially for small-business owners with little-to-no accounting background.
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