AICPA Firm-Based Retirement Plan


The AICPA Member Retirement Committee evaluated national 401(k) and retirement providers and chose Paychex as the selected provider of the retirement plan services for AICPA members. Our program is the retirement solution for the AICPA membership! For more information, contact your local Paychex representative.

AICPA Firm-Based Retirement Program – Member Benefits

AICPA Retirement Program Case Study – TBK Tax & Business Consulting

AICPA Retirement Program Case Study – Karen Spinelli, CPA

AICPA Retirement Program Case Study – Carl Peterson, CPA

A 401(k) Plan Designed for CPA Firms Case Study

"Having a 401(k) is critical to my retirement strategy. I wanted a plan that would allow me to set aside maximum dollars while also taking care of my employees, and comparing a 401(k) to other plan types, the 401(k) does both. This plan was easy to implement and our single point of contact has been outstanding. Since Paychex also does my payroll, the services are integrated, low-maintenance, and fantastic. I encourage other CPA firms to consider this program."

Rodger W. Charin, PLC,
McLean, VA

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