AICPA-Paychex Program — Enrollee Testimonials

"I can't say enough about Paychex and truly appreciate the business relationship we have ... The service they provide is worth at least 3 times what they charge."

Robert Dickson, CPA
Lake Forest, CA

“I have been a member of the AICPA since November 30, 1985. That‘s a long time. How old am I, anyway?

We are a small boutique CPA firm, we recommend Paychex for a variety of reasons. Foremost is the outstanding client contact and accessibility of our sales representative. An efficient, effective operation requires a strong support staff and a contact where you can pick up the phone and get an answer.”

Nancy L. Allen, CPA MST
Lake Forest, CA

“Over the years, my experiences with Paychex have always been dealt with in a professional manner with a stroke of each of their employee’s personal touch and can always count on Paychex to take “care of business” whenever I need them to. I especially value the relationship I have created with my Paychex Sales Representative because not only is she always “getting it done” for me but I’ve also have a created a trustworthy and reliable rapport with her. I can only imagine that the rest of Paychex employees are equally as awesome.

I sometimes use Paychex for their subcategory services (Retirement Planning & HR) but I primarily use them for all my TV & Film Industry businesses and knowing that there is an AICPA partnership program implemented with Paychex gives me and my clients continued confidence because of their reputable organization. My clients and I can say without a doubt that they are 110% on it and if ever asked I would refer them to the rest of the world.”

Christian Hernandez, CPA
Santa Monica, CA

“I have participated in the AICPA program for the last eight years and it has been a wonderful experience for my firm and my clients. Paychex offers many beneficial services for my clients. The first month of service at no cost, along with the six month money back guarantee, is like icing on a cake. I recommend that all accounting firms servicing small businesses should participate.”

Walter Saulenas, CPA
Dedham, MA

“I have been a tax professional referring our business clients to Paychex for their payroll needs since 2000 when our first rep came in for a visit to our office and developed a relationship with us!

She was amazing and since then all of our reps have been equally amazing. I discovered that the training process you use does develop the things that can be taught but you hire the qualities that cannot be taught!

How to build a relationship and not just go see a client, how to be understanding but get the information across in a great way that people can actually hear and understand.

Bee Square Tax has enjoyed a long business relationship with Paychex because I know when I refer a client to our rep … that client gets the kind of care that Bee Square Tax delivers also!”

Jennifer A. Martin
Orlando, FL

“What a great partnership it is between the AICPA and Paychex.

Being able to offer my clients a month of free payroll, and a six-month money-back guarantee if not satisfied, makes it very attractive for us to refer your company.

All of us at Davis, Smith & Co. highly recommend that the accounting community take advantage of this great value-adding partnership.”

Russ Davis
Dallas, TX