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Geofencing and Geolocation: The Latest Time Management Technology Trends

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  • Last Updated: 12/18/2015

Geofencing and geolocation trends
Learn how location-based time tracking is revolutionizing company time management.

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In today's competitive business environment, companies need the right technologies to help keep labor costs down while optimizing productivity. As a result of the development of new location-based time tracking tools, time and attendance reporting has become dramatically easier and more accurate for both employees and managers. The proliferation of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, has led to the development of new online time tracking platforms. Geofencing and geolocation are two of the hottest trends that businesses should be aware of today. Here's a closer look at how these tools work and what business leaders need to know to integrate geotechnologies into their own workflows.

Understanding the Difference Between Geolocation and Geofencing

Geolocation is a tool that leverages the GPS feature in an employee's smartphone or tablet to register them with a location signal. Using geolocation technology, companies can set up their time management systems to take both a location and time stamp when time entries are submitted online. Geofencing takes location-based technologies to the next level. A perimeter can be set up around an area, such an office building or worksite. Managers can be notified when specific employees enter or leave a job site. Employees can receive notifications to clock in and clock out, based on their locations. Automating time reporting can help ensure businesses are getting the best data possible on when and where their staff is working.

Increased Flexibility and Accuracy with Online Time Cards

For companies with staff who are out in the field on client site visits or those seeking better ways to submit time cards in multiple offices, online time and attendance software is becoming more popular. Employees can submit their time entries online — through a browser, a mobile app, or even by calling in. When employees use a digital time card, there are several potential advantages. Staff has more flexibility, while real-time submissions can improve the overall accuracy of the information submitted. Geolocation technologies add location and time stamps to time cards, which can provide better data insights for everything from client billing to employee management.

Geotechnologies Can Improve Managers' Reporting and Visibility

Geolocation and geofencing have improved managers' reporting and general data visibility. It's possible to verify where an employee was when a time card was submitted. Notifications allow managers to better understand when workers come and go from business locations. Whether you're concerned with projecting staffing needs or having the information on hand to easily deal with staff problems, geolocation adds an important layer of insight to the mix.

For businesses seeking effective ways to manage staff time and improve reporting, geolocation and geofencing technologies are an important innovation. With location-based technologies, businesses can immediately understand where and when their staff members are working, submitting time cards, and visiting job sites. Geotechnologies are helping companies save on labor costs, while giving them access to better data trails for everything from audits to employee management.



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