Easy Restaurant Payroll & Taxes

Make your restaurant payroll and tax processes easier with Paychex. We'll help pay your employees promptly and accurately, and comply with restaurant payroll tax requirements, with reports to help manage your business better.

How can Paychex help restaurant payrolls?

Payroll Reports

Complete documentation of your restaurant payroll, including cash tips and charged tips.

Shortfall Information

Signals when employee wages do not cover taxes or adjustments.

Tip Sign-Off Report

Documents amount of tips reported by employees.

Tip Allocation Reports

Show the calculations required by the IRS and fulfills the recordkeeping requirements of the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 (TEFRA).

FICA Tip Tax Credits — Make Your Restaurant Savings Rise

If your employees earn tips, you may be entitled to a tax credit for a portion of the FICA taxes you pay on those tips—potentially amounting to hundreds of dollars per employee each year. Paychex will review the FICA tax credit with you and compile the data you need to prepare for the FICA tax credit Form 8846.

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CPAs across the nation have recommended that small businesses partner with professional payroll providers like Paychex. Outsourcing reduces the complexity and risk of running your restaurant payroll with greater accuracy by keeping you up-to-date with tax rates and regulatory information.