Integrate Payments with Your Medical and Dental Practice Software

Integrate Payments

Even if your payment process is completely digital, there is an associated cost with every payment you accept from a patient. Consider the time it takes you or your staff to manually:

  • Enter transactions from one platform to another
  • Reconcile your bank account
  • Update your accounting, CRM, or ERP software systems

This process can also lead to costly errors such as calculation mistakes, redundant entries, and misplaced invoices.

An Integrated Solution to Cure Your Payment Pains

Integrated Solution

Paychex offers an integrated payments solution* that automates these steps so payment processing, accounting, and customer relationship management all work seamlessly together. Fully integrated into medical and dental practice management software including TotalDental, Umbie DentalCare, Good Methods Global, CounSol, and PIMSY, our solution can help you:

  • Decrease employee hours monitoring, tracking, and reporting transactions
  • Improve accuracy by removing human error from the equation
  • Gain better visibility into your finances

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5 Benefits of integrating Payments with Your Practice Management Software

  1. Money Savings

    Devote fewer staff hours to monitoring, tracking, and reporting transactions within your payment environment.

  2. Greater Accuracy

    Lessen the likelihood of costly errors such as calculation mistakes, redundant entries, and misplaced invoices. 

  3. Enhanced Forecasting

    Gain greater visibility into your finances.

  4. Better Marketing

    Spot new opportunities that might otherwise remain hidden and adjust marketing efforts accordingly.

  5. Easier Tax Prep

    Have a convenient record of every dollar that has come in and out of your business, come tax time.

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